Ishika is a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant, from the Nutritional Therapy Association of America.

She has specialised in Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell University’s online centre for Nutrition Studies. 



In this day and age, geography is no limit. Wherever you are in the world,
you can count on me.

  • 1 – on – 1 online coaching and nutritional programs. 


Anyone, of any age, who wants a permanent solution to a health issue(s).      I see you. I feel you.

  • Are you tired of diets and meal plans you can’t stick to?
  • Are you sick of exercise regimes and not getting the results you want? 
  • Are you lacking energy and struggling to get out of bed in the morning?
  • Are you struggling with health issues and weight gain/loss and just don’t know what to do or where to start?
  • Are you struggling to sustain a nutrition plan while travelling?
  • Want more energy?
  • Want to prevent and overcome disease?
  • Want to achieve your health goals?
  • Want to reach and sustain optimal health?
  • Want a greater sense of vitality in life, without the overwhelming stress of  fad diets?
  • Want support and guidance to feeling well, and to have our unique body functioning at its optimal best? 

Does it work? 

“When I started introducing solids to my baby, Ishika helped me understand what are the best foods to give him and at what ages to introduce the various food. Thanks to her I have the right knowledge and confidence to feed my little one.” – Shu Ling Liu 

“I took her course during my first trimester of pregnancy. Ishika’s recommendations accounted for mine and my baby’s health, and was enjoyable and easy to follow overall.” – Sanya Govil 

“My family and I have used her services multiple times, for weight management and disease management, including recently signing up for her Bridal plan” – Nikita Vi

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I work to assess your bio-individuality to offer personalised nutrition and lifestyle programs, nutritional supplement planning, meal planning, food log analysis, symptom analysis, testing kits and constant support.

I help make it simple for you to apply the science of nutrition and practice the art of healthy living so you can cultivate life-long habits to feel your best. 



The choices we make today affect our lives tomorrow; thus, it is never too early to invest in your health.

Get in touch for effective and stress-free bio-individualised nutritional therapy today. 



Using foods that are suitable for YOU as the primary medicine, and an unique framework of bio-individualised, effective and stress-free nutritional therapy, I ensure our journey takes you to your optimal health. 

We are in this together

    Does it work? 

    “The nutritional therapy I went through with Ishika was amazing. My parameters definitely improved and I felt a whole lot better.” – Savita Bawa

    “The difference between Ishika and other nutritionists is that she not only tells you the foods to eat but also methods of cooking and storage.” – Shivani Malik

    “Ishika’s guidance has helped me improve my relationship with food.” – Sweta Garapati

    “She has also educated me on my body’s bio-individuality so that I am able to make food choices that specifically suit me.” – Somna Sachdev

    “Ishika’s helped me make small lifestyle changes that has had a tremendous impact on curing my acidity which was my biggest trouble point.” – Tripti Chordia

    “She took the time to understand me completely and my lifestyle, only then did she create a holistic plan for me that was comfortable and easy to follow. I really appreciated was her constant following up.” – Zaina Musvee

    “To have someone like Ishika who can guide you through any rough health-related journey, is a blessing. She has been a great addition to my recovery as I have been suffering from a severe disease.” – Rita Vij

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      • Digestive Distress: acid reflux, bloating, flatulence, constipation, diarrhoea  burping/belching, stomach aches, etc.
      • Blood Sugar Imbalance: diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypoglycemias, metabolic syndrome, etc. 

      • Prenatal and Healthy Pregnancy Care: fertility support, lactation support, child development nutrition.

      • Skin and hair health: eczema, acne, hair loss, etc. 

      • Weight management

      • Cholesterol management

      • Hormone Management

      • Headaches, Migraines, Dizziness

      • Fatigue and Energy Management

      • Chronic pain: Body aches and joint pains

      • Autoimmune Diseases

      • Allergies and intolerances: seasonal allergies, food intolerances etc


      Your symptoms may seem pretty “normal” considering the health of our societies, but that does not mean they are “healthy”. You deserve better! 

      You deserve to live life to the fullest, to experience radiant health, to thrive, not just survive. To live your best life and feel like your best self, you need to take your health into your own intuitive hands, once and for all.

      I have the tools, the training, and the intent to help you help yourself. Let me be your partner in your journey to optimal health. 

      We are in this together.  

        “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

        – Hippocrates