“A lot of us think eating less is the only way to lose weight, but we don’t realise how we harm our body from within. Ishika with her extensive knowledge as a Nutritional Therapist explained the concept of being healthy and how I can still manage to control my weight, and most importantly strengthen my immune system. I have used her services multiple times, including recently signing up for her Bridal plan. I am really happy I have someone like her in my life to lead me into a much healthier lifestyle and to fall back on whenever needed.”

Nikita Vij

“Ishika has taken a highly systematic and detailed approach to targeting every bodily symptom that I had mentioned to her. It has helped me routinize my meals and my nutrition intake as well. I also find that the difference between Ishika and other nutritionists is that she not only tells you the foods to eat but also methods of cooking and storage. She combines modern science with ancient Indian practices which can be as simple as drinking water from a copper pot in the mornings. She has instilled cooking rituals that I have continued to adopt way after my diet plan ended. Her consistent follow-up shows the personal attention that she gives her clients and I’m ever grateful to have her as a mentor in my journey of healthy living.”

Shivani Malik

Ishika has been a great addition to my recovery as I have been suffering from a severe disease. The diet was very well balanced and is continuing to help me get back my strength. So, to have someone like Ishika who can guide you through any health-related rough journey, with her expertise as a Nutritionist, is a blessing.”

Rita Vij

“A lot of us know that we need to eat right and eat better, but we don’t know where to begin. That’s where Ishika came in. She guided me through the entire process of eating based on my body’s specific and unique needs. What has really been a game changer is not just her focus on what foods I eat, but also how well I chew them and when I eat them. She keeps telling me, listen to your body and eat only when hungry and calm. I definitely recommend her nutritional therapy. Call her now, trust me. 

Ritika Rajmohan

Being a working mother and having a first baby of my own, I was overwhelmed with information and did not have enough time to figure it all out myself. I wanted one trusted source to help support me with the right information. When I started introducing solids to my baby, Ishika helped me understand what are the best foods to give him and at what ages to introduce the various foods, in addition to other advice. Thanks to her I have the right knowledge and confidence to feed my little one.

Shu Ling Liu

“Going through the nutritional therapy plan with Ishika was like adapting a new healthy lifestyle altogether. So many of the things that she recommended was new to me, so I gradually followed the plan as advised. I definitely recommend doing a nutrition course with her as she has good knowledge and suggests right foods and products according to your requirements. Also, I would like to mention that I took her course during my first trimester of pregnancy. Ishika’s recommendations accounted for mine and my baby’s health, and was enjoyable and easy to follow overall.”

Sanya Govil

If you know me, you know that Ishika is my daughter. But I thought it necessary, and possibly even more relevant that I share my experience as Ishika’s client. As Ishika’s client, I saw her in a different light — I saw a passionate, driven, empathetic, knowledgeable and professional young woman, with a clear focus to heal and prevent disease primarily through food. On Ishika’s nutritional plan I was able to lose weight, maintain the weight loss, improve my bone density, get rid of my knee pain and bid my afternoon fatigue goodbye. She has also educated me on my body’s bio-individuality so that I am able to make food choices that specifically suit me. I highly recommend that you sign her up as your nutritional therapist.

Somna Sachdev

“Ishika’s nutritional therapy helped me make small lifestyle changes that has had a tremendous impact on my health like curing my acidity which was my biggest trouble point. She gives so many options and alternates that you never feel starved or have cravings for anything. The best part is it’s easy to do!”

Tripti Chordia

“Ishika works with your body in a natural and holistic way. Her process and nutritional therapy has been easy and effective. I am super happy with her services and the lifetime food guidelines that she has left me with.”

Kanishka Jain

“The nutritional therapy I went through with Ishika was amazing. My parameters definitely improved and I felt a whole lot better. I had been suffering from gastric issues for a long time and that got so much better. Also, there was an overall difference in my appearance, in my skin, and in my energy levels!”

Savita Bawa

“One of the great things about Ishika is that she’s genuinely passionate about holistic health. She really practices what she preaches and that’s very reassuring when you’re meeting a nutritionist – I can’t remember a time when Ishika hasn’t been thoroughly excited about a new health food she found or a new kombucha she’s brewing in her own kitchen garden. For me, personally, I feel like I learned some key things from Ishika’s Nutrition Program. The biggest being that holistic health isn’t just about the food you eat but can also be attributed to one’s mental state, the choices they make, their breathing patterns, level of exercise etc. From the first interaction, Ishika made a solid effort to get to know me in depth, understand my current habits, nutrition goals, the problems I was looking to solve and my pain points. The customised plan she made for me was all encompassing and took every part of my daily life into consideration. She’s also constantly checking on you to see if things are working and is more than open to customising the plan further based on your preferences.  The cherry on top of this gluten-free cake is that she also gives you some really good suggestions for relaxing your mind and body, and improving the quality of your daily life. I’d highly recommend Ishika if you’re looking to make more long-term, holistic changes to your lifestyle.”

Akshara Subramanian

I am in the 3rd week of Ishika’s nutritional plan and I already feel such an impact on my health and energy levels. Ishika’s guidance has helped me improve my relationship with food and also learn so much more about the basic do’s and dont’s of nutrition and diet. I also like how we focus on mindfulness and I am super excited to go through my program with Ishika.”

Sweta Garapati

My experience with Ishika has been great. Such a welcoming and friendly person. She didn’t just recommend things for me to do, she took the time to understand me completely and my lifestyle, only then did she create a holistic plan for me that was comfortable and easy to follow. She gave me simple tips to live a happy and healthier life. One thing that I really appreciated was her constant following up which made sure I was on track and gave me a chance to ask questions and make alterations if need be. So glad I got in touch with her.

Zaina Musvee